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Evoscout eCommerce Price Monitor

Optimize your prices,

grow your profits!

Evoscout for Tour Operators

Offer trips in demand at optimal prices.

  • Discover gaps in your portfolio.

  • Offer travel products at optimal prices.

  • See the German leisure travel market demand.

How often do you update your prices? How often do you add or remove trips? Evoscout aggregates the German leisures travel market demand. Then we present it as an actionable list of trips. So you can spend less time analyzing the market and more time optimizing your travel offers.

Evoscout Travel becomes TrevoTrend

Evoscout for Retailers

Do you really know your competitor's prices?

  • Gain complete price transparency

  • React to price changes faster: improve your margins

  • Discover your competitor's pricing strategies

Do you really know all your competitors prices? Do you know which products are out of stock? Do you know how prices changed in the last hour or over the weekend? Do you know who's selling special editions or special offers?

Evoscout for Manufacturers

Do you really know who sells your products?

  • Discover who sells your products.

  • Compare market prices to your SRPs.

  • Maintain your brand and price level.

Are your products only being offered in authorized shops? Are they using the latest pictures and descriptions? Do you know who's reselling your products on portals, auction sites and marketplaces? Do you know who sells your products below cost? Do you know who sold your products yesterday but not this morning?

Our solutions

Evoscout's core solution is our fully automated price recommendation service. Our customers can choose which sites to monitor. We aggregate price information, based on their freely customizable rules and turn them into actionable insights. Evoscout's pricing recommendations and insights are available via our web front end or via email alerts.

Price Monitor

The Price Monitor is our core solution for manufacturers and retailers looking for actionable pricing insights on their competitors.

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Selective Distribution

Selective distribution agreements can be advantageous for manufacturers and retailers. We can support you by creating market transparency and planning further steps

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We can integrate our pricing recommandations into a number of shop systems and back ends. This turns Evoscout into a fully automated repricing solution that works according to your rules.

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Price API

You can also work with our price data inhouse. If you have an existing BI solution or would like to import our raw data into your system, we also offer a Price API.

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